Our Offerings

Our bistro focuses on good, local food in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Here at The Filling Fork, we try to make life easier for you and your family and even you and your coworkers!  This is why we have weekly specials for take home meals, frozen favorites, and drop off specials in addition to our seasonal menu.

Our Take N Bakes, as we like to call them, change weekly or as we sell out.  These can be spaghetti dinners, salmon over quinoa, various sides like Arkansas style green beans or the best baked beans you'll ever eat.  Take N Bakes are meant to be taken home and heated in the oven that night.  The best way to see what our weekly specials are is to follow our Facebook page or call the restaurant to inquire. 

Our Frozen Favorites, operate much like our Take n Bakes.  They change frequently and are offered on a first come first serve basis.  These meals are to be taken home and served whenever the mood strikes or when life gets busy and forgets to leave time for cooking.

If you find yourself planning to lead a large team meeting or host a bunch of hungry kids after sports practice and are in need of something to serve, look no further than The Filling Fork.  We offer individually packaged meals or platter service straight to your location with a minimum purchase.  For more information about our drop off service, please contact the bistro. 

 Our reason for being, the idea behind our 501(c)(3) status, is Fowler’s Fork.  Through Fowler’s Fork, educational classes are brought to local elementary schools, libraries, daycares and even here at The Filling Fork.  These classes strive to teach our local children where food comes from and how to cook it.  Through various partnerships and these classes, we are able to change the lives of children and lead them on a healthy journey.  We’re changing lives, one class at a time.   


102 SW Suwannee Ave

Branford, FL 32008